Mullingar Town Band appreciates the time and effort made by Parents and Guardians to support their loved ones participating in Mullingar Town Band Activities. We are a caring organisation and value input and feedback from you. This page provide links to important forms and policies and affords parents and guardians a form to initiate a conversation with the Band Directors support team.

Dear Parent/Guardian…..

As a parent/guardian we very much appreciate the time and effort it takes for you to ensure the person you care for, gets to enjoy and participate in the activities of Mullingar Town Band. Most parents/guardians, if they have something they wish to raise – will think – the logical time to discuss a matter with the Band Director, is at the time they drop off or collect the person they care about – at the Band Hall. At these times it is most likely that the Band Director is very much consumed with activities and planning for all these people arriving in the band hall and therefore, it is most likely the time the Band Director can least afford to give you the attention you deserve. Don’t get us wrong, we very much want to hear from you and to hear any concern or issues you may have – but we want to do it in a manner where we can all give it the attention deserved.

How to Contact The Band Directors Team?

To facilitate the best possible attention and interaction between the Band Directors Team and Parents/Guardians – we have put in place the following procedures:-

  • To start the conversation

    – Complete the Parent/Guardian contact form on this webpage – and let us have as much information as you can. We will follow up with contacting you to go through the matter raised and open a dialogue with you in this way the matter will get proper attention rather than a quick, (and potentially unconsidered) response at a time when either your or we are busy with other matters. We promise to get back to you as soon as possible – bearing in mind we are volunteers.

  • In this light, we expect to offer a better quality service in responding to queries or concerns you may have as a parent/guardian.

We make great efforts to have best practices in place in dealing with all matters and in this light, we invite you to become more aware of the foundations and priorities that we operate by reading our  Child Protection Policy and our Constitution – see links to these on this page.

Important Policy Documents:

Our Garda Vetting Policy

Committed to the protection and welfare of our Members and Volunteers


Mullingar Town Band Constitution

 We welcome your approach and feedback and we are happy to open a discussion with parents/guardians in relation to those they care for and anything that can contribute to improving how we carry out our motto  ” To Educate, Entertain and Elevate” our members as they progress through the band from the first day they blow into a recorder, or lift a flag,  into full participation in our Marching and Concert Bands. Please complete the form on this page to start the conversation…..


Band Members “Options” :-

The membership of Mullingar Town Band works as a team and the ability of each team member to play their part is important. Notwithstanding this – to facilitate individual needs, members are free to seek up to 3 “options” ( i.e. to absent themselves from practice, event, training etc) per term. Terms and Conditions apply.  Members logged in can view  MORE INFO HERE


If you can volunteer, please contact us via our contact form or maybe you could help with fundraising or supporting with donations or supporting our events. Please check out our fundraising and donations sections on the homepage of this website.

Thank you

On behalf of the committee and all members of the Mullingar Town Band – I personally thank you for your commitment as a parent/guardian to helping us afford young people the opportunity  to learn an instrument, or be part of our colour guard and become competent at these skills  and be part of a team and grow their friendships through a safe environment in Mullingar Town Band.

Kim Magee, Band Director


Contacting the Band Directors Team:-

Start by completing the form below and we will revert a.s.a.p.

Parent/Guardians Contact form



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