Mullingar Town Band – is available for Engagements and our colourful presence at any event is sure to draw  the visitors/attendees at your event. In addition to great sounds from our Marching Band – we produce highly choreographed routines that can be performed in parks, football fields or large tarmacadam surface areas. We also have a concert band for sit down events. Our range of music covers all  from Classical to Pop,  from American Band Marches to Irish Airs. 

In order to inquire about booking Mullingar Town Band please complete our inquiry form below  with as much information as possible and we will get back to you a.s.a.p. Booking inquires are managed by our committee who will seek to facilitate requests – in the light of pre existing commitments.

As Mullingar Town Band – on an ongoing basis – take part in competitions Nationally and Internationally – much of our time is spent in rehearsing,performing for taking part in these events. It is important that you give us the  longest possible notice of your event – as our membership is made up of Adults and Students and  we need to give them reasonable notice of forthcoming engagements and to plan rest days and holidays throughout the year.

Mullingar Town Band is a voluntary organisation that works to Educate, Elevate and Entertain  through helping young people to learn about music, to play an instrument, to become team players in our Marching Band and Concert bands and to enjoy being part of our organisation right through Adulthood. Before we ever leave the premises our committee are tasked with raising €50,000 each year to cover our overheads. If you wish to Donate to the band you can do so here. As a voluntary organisation we need ongoing public financial support  and one of these ongoing sources, is through funding from events we are invited to attend.  So please give us as much information about your event – location, duration, etc – so we can estimate costs involved e.g. bus hire, food requirements depending on time away from base, and other costs we may incur outside of a consideration to support our ongoing overheads – and this will allow us get back to you with details not alone of our availability but also of costs involved.  If you feel your organisation has  special case for your event – in terms of cost – please indicate same on your application.

Response Time

Each booking inquiry will be accessed on its individual merits and our availability and we will revert to you as soon as possible. Only applications received on our official application form below will be considered. Please  note that Mullingar Town Band do not participate in any “Political Engagements”.


Booking Enquiry Form

Please submit your interest and thank you for your support.