This weeks Jackpot 

Wed 13thDecember 2017 @ 8.00pm


Plus guaranteed €1600 prize money  each bingo night


Wednesdays at 8.00pm  is BINGO NIGHT  in the Bandhall Mullingar

shortcut from Dominick Street: -,  Straight Down the side of Galvins Menswear and under the Railway Tunnel – 1st building on the right

By Car – On The Industrial Estate coming from the Dog Track side, Turn right at EXPERT and last building on left before Railway Tunnel.

See image below for location….



13 Games each Wednesday  – At least €1600 in prize money must be won each Wednesday (at least a 100 times better chances of winning than on the Lotto!)

Be There and bring some friends and you can have a great night out –


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What will it cost you?

1 book @ €5 plus 3 x €2 game sheets –  average cost per person is €11 for the night.! and you can spend more or less as you wish.

Haven’t Played bingo Before!

No problem  – just tell our staff at the shop on the way in and they will have someone show you how to play on the night.

Each game the caller calls a number between 1 and 90 and you mark it off that game sheet.You can win a prize for one line across (5 numbers), 2 lines across – (10 Numbers) or 3 lines across (15 numbers). Each game has different prize money for each line and the jackpot game includes your chance to win the jackpot with 15 numbers in the Jackpot game.

Watch this quick video and you soon will get the hang of it.