Mullingar Town Band Recruitment


Do you or your loved one have a love for music? Well we will be recruiting for any new or returning members in February!!

  • Our Enrollment Night is Friday 23rd Feb at 7.30.
  • We enroll from the age of 8 years and up.
  • Friends, Music Education, Travel, Performing, Competition.
  • Even if they have no previous music experience (especially reading music), new members begin in a new recorder class and then will over the year, progress onto brass or woodwind or perhaps percussion.
  • New Term Starting: Feb -June.
  • Colourguard and Drums: Saturday 24th Feb 4.30
  • Instrumental Class: Tuesday 27th Feb 4.30
  • Cost €70.
  • Sibling Discount available.
  • Our Colourguard (flags) section also recruits from the of age 8+. For more information, visit
  • The Band year is split into three terms in the year (September to December, December to March and March to June)….but for our February recruits it is only one term, February to June.
  • Recorder and books are extra and available preferably through the band.
  • Please come down and meet the band, the committee and see our Bandhall.
  • More Information email  or 0861999497